Mesačné archívy: marec 2014


Máme nového víťaza v DxOMark-u (prvý čo prekonal hodnotu 100). Tentokrát to nie je žiadna zrkadlovka ani bezzrkadlovka, dokonca ani žiaden foťák, ale kamera RED Epic Dragon.

With a 5-point lead over the Nikon D800E which was the previous best-performing sensor in our database, the Epic Dragon achieves the highest DxOMark score we’ve seen to date, at 101 points. Given that the Dragon is the new reference for sensor quality, it’s all the more impressive when you consider both its size similar to an APS-H size sensor and the fact that it shoots ultra-high frame rates at full resolution.

Zdroj:  Overall score: Epic Dragon takes first place 101 points – DxOMark.